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Note Goods And Services Essay

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The Note Phone Marketing Plan - Goods and Service
Lisa S Carey
Instructor: Dr. Keith C. Jones
Marketing Management – MKT 500
January 31, 2011

Marketing Plan – Goods and Service for the Note Phone
1. Discuss the type of product the company will offer and identify its primary characteristics. There are several types of products: Convenience product which is a relatively inexpensive item that merits little shopping effort; Shopping product which requires comparison shopping, because it is usually more expensive and found in fewer stores; Specialty product which is a particular item that consumers search extensively for and reluctant to accept any substitutes; and finally Unsought products which is unknown to potential buyer or a known product that the buyer does not actively seek. So the type of product that this company will be offering will be a shopping product. All products and services can be broadly divided into the two categories as well: High Involvement and Low Involvement. Our customers or prospects will be consumers that spend time and effort gathering information about prices, quality, value, and etc, before making a purchase. Therefore the main aim of our company is high involvement shopping consumers who will enjoy high brand and loyalty. 2. Discuss the product branding strategy.

With millions of products on the marketplace all claiming to be...

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