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Student Name: HUI GENG
Student Number: 100814220
Assignment #1 Reading Prehistoric Symbols: “The Language of the Goddess” Scene of Ovcharovo
This is a cult scene from Ovcharovo. In the middle of the picture, there has 3 women stood and put their hands up, I assumed they are three priestesses. The tallest woman may be the main one. She was powerful and with great shaped body. In front of them, there has three tables, all of the tables had bowls and dish on it. It probably has foods and fruits inside, for sacrifice...

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1 100814220 3 action also altar ancient anxieti assign assist assum back behind besid big bodi bottom bowl chair communic convey costum creat cult cylind difficulti diminish disast diseas dish dress element fear feel femal five five-point food fourth front fruit geng god goddess great guess hand happen honor hui human hundr insid instrument languag lead leader left like live look magic main master may mediat middl might moom moon music mysteri name natur nice night normal note number one ovcharovo overcom paint part peopl percent personalti pictur play player point power prehistor prepar priestess probabl provid put read realli regard relat religi right river sacrif sacrific sacrifici sccs scene sculptur serv shape shine show side silenc sit solicit splendid stand star start stone stood stori student sun superpow sure symbol tabl tallest three time tradit two usual watch water woman women work