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Topics in Digital Video Broadcasting
Digital Video Broadcasting - Terrestrial


Digital Video Broadcasting Terrestrial
MPEG-2 Transport Streams


Extended Event Descriptor under EIT

Tag value = 0x4E
provides a detailed text
description of an event
may be used in addition to the
short event descriptor
possible to have more than one
extended event descriptor
text information can be (itemized)
structured into two columns
- item description field (item)
- the item text
 application: cast list
 e.g. Produce: Name of Producer

Extended Event Descriptor under EIT

descriptor_number : the number
of the descriptor
- the number of first
extended_event_descriptor shall
be set to 0x00
- the number for the additional
ones shall be incremented by 1
last_descriptor_number : specifies
the number of the last
length_of_items: the length in
bytes of the following items

Extended Event Descriptor under EIT

item_description_length: specifies the
length in bytes of the item
*item_description_char : specify
the item description
item_length: the length in bytes of the
item text
*item_char : specify the item text
text_length: specifies the length in
bytes of the non itemized extended
*text_char : specify the non itemized
extended text
* coding again conforms to EN
300368 Annex A

Frequency List descriptor under NIT
may be used in the NIT
- other_frequency_flag being set
- a complete list of additional frequencies for a certain multiplex which is transmitted on multiple frequencies
coding_type: indicates how the frequency is coded and relates to the delivery system used
centre_frequency: list of frequencies


Linkage Descriptor under NIT/BAT/SDT/EIT
Tag value = 0x4A
identifies a service that can be presented if the consumer requests for additional information related to a specific entity described by the SI system
can be under different tables:
- under NIT  point to a service providing additional information on the network
- under BAT  provide a link to a service informing about the bouquet
- etc
A CA replacement service: selected automatically by a receiver if the CA denies access to the specific entity described by the SI system
A service replacement service: replacement service may be selected automatically by a receiver when the running status of the current service is set to "not_running"


Linkage Descriptor under NIT/BAT/SDT/EIT
A service to which a mobile receiver might: the service
may be selected automatically by a receiver when the
actual service is no longer receivable under its service_id
- the hand-over_type identifies whether the
linkage_descriptor links to the same service in a different
country, to a local variation of the service or an
associated service
Two events can be signalled as equivalent using: the event
being linked to may be a simulcast or may be time offset
- the event_simulcast flag shall only be set if the target
event is higher quality (Application: PVR)


Linkage Descriptor under NIT/BAT/SDT/EIT

transport_stream_id: identifies the TS
containing the information service
original_network_id: gives the label
identifying the network_id of the
originating delivery system of the
information service indicated
service_id: identifies an information
service within a TS
- The service_id = the program_number
in the corresponding
- If the linkage_type field has the value
0x04, then the service_id field is not
relevant, and shall be set to 0x0000
(TS containing complete
Network/Bouquet SI)
linkage_type: the type of linkage
hand-over_type: the type of hand-over

Linkage Descriptor - linkage_type


Linkage Descriptor under NIT/BAT/SDT/EIT

origin_type: specifies in
which table the link is
network_id: identifies the
terrestrial network that
supports the service indicated
initial_service_id: identifies
the service for which the
hand-over linkage is valid
target_event_id: identifies
the event_id of the event (the
target event)
- carried on the service
defined by the ONID, TSID
and SID

Linkage Descriptor under NIT/BAT/SDT/EIT

target_listed: signals whether the service defined
by the ONID, TSID and SID is included in the
SDT carried in that TS
- = “1”  the service shall be included in the
- = “0”  the following conditions shall be met:
1. the service_type for the service shall be 0x19
(advanced codec HD digital television service) if
the events are simulcast, otherwise the
service_type shall be the same as for the service
where the source event is carried
2. EITp/f information shall be available for the
service in that TS
3. the service shall be running
- “1”: the target event and the source event are
being simulcast
- “0”: the events are offset in time
private_data_byte: the value of which is privately

Parental Rating Descriptor under EIT

Tag value = 0x55
country_code: sim...

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