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Preaching to Pagans
Two witnesses in Luke
Two examples of preaching to Gentiles who come from a pagan background (unlike Cornelius) We will watch first, go through passages and then watch the second Watch video: (disk 2, 01_1-04:10) 13:44—>14:20 (8:02)

Only twice do we have a record of Paul’s preaching to Gentiles who have little or no contact with the Old Testament. There is no reference to the Old Testament Scriptures at all, but he particularly addresses their context and meets them where they are. Read two passages in Parallel: Acts 14:8-20 Lystra & Acts 17:16-34 Athens Audience and Context

Both contexts describe an idolatry that is excessive to the point of being ridiculous, and which shocked Paul. The Lystrans were so superstitious that they were prepared to identify Paul with Hermes and Barnabas with Zeus, and even to sacrifice to them on the spot. Horrified, they “tore their clothes and ran in among the multitude” (14:14). The Athenians displayed a level of idolatry that caused such a reaction in Paul that “his spirit was provoked within him when he saw that the city was given over to idols” (17:16). Extreme Idolatry

Both the Lystrans and the Athenians interpreted Paul’s religion in the framework of their own. e.g. Hindu Landlord (Chandra)
To the Lystrans, the miracle showed that he was one of their gods. To the Athenians, he was merely the proclaimer of another god, whom they happened not to have heard of yet. One of Paul’s main concerns is to distinguish himself radically from this conception and to show that the God he proclaims is utterly outside their own framework. In both cases it was the idolatry that provided a point of contact ...

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