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Feiyang Zhang
Instructor Villamor
EIS 1031-008: Critique I
November 12, 2013

Project #3: Transform an Object – Self-Critique The title of my sculpture is “Lamb Head”. My sculpture contains both organic and geometric shapes; the face of the lamb is in geometric shape because is a big pyramid. On the other hand the shape of the lamb horn is in organic shape although it still contains some angles. The form of my sculpture is representational in an abstract way; it still represents the lamb head even though it is made by aluminum foil. The scale of my sculpture is around 8’x12’x3’, which should be in medium size. The weight of the sculpture is really light because it is made by aluminum foil, at the same time the sculpture is glued by tiny pieces of aluminum foil so the physical property of the sculpture is extremely dense. The surface of the scu...

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