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Research Strategies p. 319 - 334

- establish central purpose and research needs

- start on time and work on a regular basis

- read and consult widely; move from the general to the specific

- constantly work with a teacher/librarian and record comments in a research folder

- review print and online encyclopedias for a general overview and framework

- use all kinds of databases for your research; move to interviews, surveys, e-mail

- consult and conference with teachers, librarians, peers to resolve and clarify research issues

Research Resources

Human Resources

- people informed and interested in the research work

- The teacher/instructor: ongoing conference guides your work, informs about the sources available, spot errors

- The teacher-librarian and librarian: most informed expert, consults for available resources, search strategies, hands-on training using technology

- Other school-based sources: IT technicians, laboratory assistants, teachers in related subject area

- Community: locate people through library, newspapers, television, radio, Yellow Pages, Internet. The sources can be government departments or agencies, clubs, associations, service groups, interest/pressure groups, educational in...

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