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Note Taking And Note Making Skills Essay

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If you are able to take and make good notes, you will save time in terms of: Having to look for the original text
Having to look through massive piles of notes just to retrieve the specific information that you need.

-depends on the situation and the purpose for note-making
-different ways of making notes :
Outline notes;
Column notes;
Mind maps
Summary notes.

1.1 Annotation
make notes by writing in the margins, underlining facts, highlighting the main points, using question marks, ticks or crosses to show whether you agree or disagree with the points made help you to not only remember the main points, but will also enable you to remember without having to read the text all over again If you do not like writing in the books, you may want to use strips of paper to mark the pages with the notes written on the strips good annotation -when you,revisit the book; you should under...

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