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Note To Fbi I E Emmet Till Essay

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Addressed to F.B.I
The following is found guilty of speaking inappropriately to a white woman. Emmett Till of 14 years spoke in tone of indecency to Carolyn Bryant on August 24 1955. Carolyn claims that Till attempted to ‘flirt’ to 21 year old Bryant and spoke indecently. Proceeding to touch and grab Carolyn In the waist and thrust her towards him, he then proceeded to ask Bryant out on a date. It was this sexually explicit handling that caused Ms Bryant to run out of the store to her car where she reached for her handgun which was under the driver seat. To this action, the teens including Till ran away, one crossed the street to alert Curtis Jones who urged the kids to disperse in fear of violence unfolding. Ms Bryant told others in the store of what had happened and word quickly spread throughout town and then to Roy Bryan...

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