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March 24, 2014
HIS 236

Exam is on stuff after the midterm. *Do not study anything from before the midterm!

-not a lot of avenue for social mobility

Brian Epstein 1934-1967
-without him, there would not be the beatles
-beatles are working class kids, got rich and bought material things -are the beatles driven by celebrity, by fame?
-famous on a global scale never before seen in history
-teenage girls listening to the beatles (boy band)
-profoundly popular by 1963 (beatles)
-praise coming from all parties, prime minister, and the queen -1963: Epstein wonders if beatles will become overexposed, can they maintain this level of popularity
-60’s : beatles were everywhere (merchandise)
-too popular: riots in the streets
-broke a...

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