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February 10, 2014
HIS 236

Horrors of Industrialization
-child labor (less pay)
-people worked around dangerous machines
-long work hours (no unions and no standards)
-dirty working conditions
-if you had an injury, you got fired
-employers considered their workers “hands”
-they are called “hands” because they “don’t exist”; they are there only for the labor -Elizabeth Gasco, North and South
-profound social inequality
-fundamentally changes the class structure in England and throughout Europe because of industrialization
-people’s identities are based on the work that they do
-people who own the means of production (machines)
-people who sold their labor for a wage

Karl Marx (1818 – 1883)
-critiques capitalist societies
-in 1843, gets a job as a journalist and gets fired for speaking out against the government, kicked out of Prussia
-goes to France, read Utopian literature
-Brave New World is dystopian
-exposed to really radical ideas of Utopian socialist
-application of science for the improvement of the human condition

-“worker communities”, workers living in complete equality -abolition of “private” property (this property creates the division of socialist classes)

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