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48340 Construction Notebook 1

Jessica Baillie 11655230

Construction Site 1
Site Location: Clemton Park Village; Charlotte Street, Campsie Date Visited: 20/03/14
Prime Constructer: Parkview
The first site visited was Clemton Park Village, located on Charlotte Street, Campsie. This major construction site will be completed in different stages, with some having already being completed. When finished, Clemton Park Village will consist of several residential apartment blocks bordering a park and walkway area. There will also be a village plaza, which will hold a supermarket as well as various stores, restaurants and cafes.

Stage 1 of the project is called Courtyard Apartments and was completed in 2013. This area consists of a car park and 76 apartments over 4 stories.
Stage 2, called Air Apartments, is 3 storeys high and contains 78 apartments throughout 3 buildings. It also has basement parking and this stage was also completed in 2013. When I visited the site on the 20th March 2014, stage 4 of the project, known as Parklife Apartments, was still being built. It is expected to be completed in 2015 and is the largest of all the stages. It will contain basement parking as well as 299 apartments throughout 4 buildings, which are up to 7 stories high.

Although all these stages will produce apartment blocks, not all the buildings are constructed in the same way. In fact, there were several different and interesting construction methods used throughout various parts of the construction site. The picture below shows the plan layout for the completed site.

Fig 1.1 – Plan view of construction site.


48340 Construction Notebook 1

Jessica Baillie 11655230

Fig 1.2 – Progress of stage 4 apartments in October 2013.
Before construction of the buildings could start, the site needed to be prepared. Excavators were used to create level groundwork for the apartment blocks and roads to be built on. Figure 1.2 was provided by the project manager and was taken 5 months before I visited the worksite. This particular photograph is interesting because it shows the progress between the excavation stage and what was completed at the time I visited the site. Safety barriers, formwork, a crane, piles of materials and several different trucks, including two concrete trucks, can be seen in this picture. This is quite interesting because it demonstates the wide range of processes being carried out simultaneously and indicates the organisation required to keep the worksite running smoothly and on schedule.

Fig 1.3 – Two cranes operating on site.
There were two cranes present on site and both were positioned on opposite ends of the current construction area. After observing the site, I noticed that these cranes were constantly in use. Although slow, the cranes could lift heavy loads and move them around site. Other than the hoist which was also used, no other piece of equipment was as efficient in moving materials to the upper levels of the construction site. The cranes shown in figure 1.3 will be taken down or moved to another area of the site in a few months wh...

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