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The Notebook
By Nicholas Sparks

Major Characters
* Allison Hamilton – seventeen year old heiress, who shared an epic summer romance to Noah. * Noah Calhoun – local country boy who fell in love to a city girl, Allison. * Anne Hamilton – Allison’s mother.

* Lon Hammond – Allison’s fiancé.
Minor Characters
* Martha Saw – a war widow, Noah’s girlfriend.
* Frank Calhoun – Noah’s father.
* John Hamilton – Allison’s father.
* Fin – Noah’s friend.
* Nurse Esther – a nurse working in the nursing home.

Setting of the story
In the movie, the setting took place in a modern day nursing home and in the story of the elderly man, the setting took place in Seabrook Island, North Carolina in the summer months of year 1940.

Mood of the story
The movie begins with an elderly man begins to read a story to his fellow patient. His story starts with a light and romantic moments of two young lovers sharing both their epic summer romance. As the story goes, the couple face conflicts and the characters are developing various emotional themes. At the peak of the conflict, the antagonist finally ceded on letting go and decided to make the protagonist chose her path. It is revealed that the fellow patient is her wife and is suffering from a disease. The movie ends with gloomy scene and at the same time able to show the meaning of unconditional love.

Biography of the author
Sparks wrote his first novel in 1985 which never got published and another one in 1989, also not published. Sparks experimented with various careers trying to fit in but didn’t succeed. After trying his luck in publishing, law school, real estate and even waiting tables, he finally co wrote a novel named ‘A Lakota Journey to Happiness and Self-Understanding’ with Billy Mills Wokini. It sold about fifty thousand copies in the first year of being published. In 1992 he tried a business in pharmaceuticals and the next year moved to Greenville, SC. That was when he wrote his renowned novel ‘The Notebook’. This novel was to become a launch pad for Sparks. A literary agent Theresa Park discovered his novel from her agency and offered to represent him. In 1995 Sparks had one million dollars in cash for ‘The Note Book’ from the famous Time Warner Book Group. After being published in 1996, ‘The Notebook’ made the best seller list of The New York Times instantly. Following this successful novel were exceptional writings one after the other out of which six were made into film adaptations. In 1999 ‘Message in a Bottle’, in 2002 ‘ A Walk to Remember, ‘The Note Book’ in 2004, ‘Nights in Rodanthe’ in 2008, then in 2010 ‘Dear John’ and ‘The Last Song’ . Nicholas Sparks has written 16 novels till 2010. His last novel till now ‘The Safe Haven’ was published on 14th September 2010. His books ‘The Best of Me’ and also in the...

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