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Notebook Analysis Essay

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Analysis of The Notebook Movie Clip
Lindsey Scott
Allison Sansbury
November 18, 2012

Analysis of The Notebook Movie Clip
There are many people involved in making a movie possible. When everything is put together it seems as though it was just one simple camera shot. But looking closer and at a short clip of a movie shows a little light on how much was actually done to make it realistic. The first thing people notice and pay attention to are the actors. But who tells the actors where to stand, what to say, and what emotions to portray? Who adds that little bit of background music to bring out the anger, sadness, or love in a scene? When going through the “outtakes” of a movie it shows that there is someone responsible for putting just the right shots in the right place. There is more to a movie than just the actors and someone yelling “cut”. Watching a clip of the movie trailer for The Notebook brings all of these things to light. In ...

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