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Love and Desire Portrayed Through The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

From a very young age children are taught and exposed to love; what it means to be in love and how to identify it, therefore expectations develop based on these early experiences. From culture to culture there may be different signs of love and ways that love is expressed however, the feeling of love is a global, human emotion that everyone is capable of. The real question is, how is love developed, sustained, and how does it affect us in such a variety of diverse ways? Love is powerful, inexplicable, timeless, and different for every person however, it is a connection unlike any other and changes people like no other thing can. The Notebook, by Nicholas Sparks exhibits love as the passionate, unpredictable, indescribable feeling that it is, and even for those who haven’t been in love yet, a certain understanding is obtained by reading this novel. The story starts with two teenagers, Allie and Noah, who come from completely different backgrounds. They live, think, and act differently however in spite of all this they find each other and form a bond that can only be described as love. The beauty and mystery of love is that it can come from anywhere, at anytime and when it does it evokes such a variety of emotions that you do not initially realize what you are feeling. Nicholas Sparks uses Noah as a vehicle to describe this powerful feeling, “The be...

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