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Notebook For All Techniques Hak Dari Essay

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Hapkido Notebook

Sam Smith

Last Update: Thursday, March 25, 2004

Table of Contents


Outside Wrists

Inside Wrists



Defense vs. Straight Kick & Punch



Foundations vs. Kick and Punch

Hard Blocks

Soft Blocks

Short Stick Techniques

Two-Hand Front

One-Step Sparring

Double Kicks


Two-Hand High, Low, Back

Jump Kicks

Straight Kick & Punch With Counter

Pressure Points

Knife Offense

Cane Techniques


Ground Defense

Knife Defense

Element Theories & Legal Justification for Use of Force


GM/Good-Morning Grab - A technique applied to wrist or hand with downward force to cause pain in the Ulnar Nerve bundle.

Hammerlock - A control technique in which the opponent's hand is placed between his shoulder blades so that his arm is wrapped up.

7S: Seven-Step - A foot technique to start a full-body pivot. One foot's heel is brought to the toes of the other foot, making a rough "Seven". Usually is followed up by the foot stepping through.

Outside Wrists

Set 1

1.Reach across, Trap. Place thumb on opponent's thumb; rotate into GM grab, laying your elbow on theirs.

2.Look at your palm. Reach across, Trap underneath. Rotate top hand and grab outside, twisting and breaking wrist.

3.Rotate hand underneath, Reach across, Trap. Pointing fingers, apply pressure downward.

4.Web hand outward and grab upwards. Step under, grabbing elbow. Bring hand up in Hammerlock, slap elbow to dislocate shoulder.

5.7S, Break and grab. Step through, breaking arm at elbow, grab belt and hip throw.

6.Web hand outward, step behind and sweep.

7.7S, Break and grab. Step through and pump-break arm over shoulder at elbow.

8.7S, Break and grab. Grab opponent's elbow, step through, spin around, and bring their elbow near their ear.

9.Raise hand up, Reach around shoulder to nerve. Sweep kick to opponent's leg.

10.7S, Break and grab. Step through, elbowing opponent in the face, then reaching under and making a figure-four elbow lock.

Set 2

1.Reach across, Trap. Place thumb on opponent's thumb; rotate into GM grab, laying elbow across theirs, side kick to knee.

2.Look at your palm. Reach across, Trap underneath. Rotate top hand, pressing down on opponent's thumb. Break wrist.

3.Look at your palm, Reach across, Trap underneath. Roll hand out and under opponent's hand, pressing forward and jamming wrist.

4.Reach across, Trap. Place thumb on opponent's thumb; rotate into GM grab, lying back on their arm.

5.Reach across, Trap. Place thumb on opponent's thumb; rotate into GM grab, laying back on their arm and dropping.

6.Look at your palm, Reach across, Trap underneath. Roll hand down and press backwards against opponent's palm.

7.Fireman's Carry: Reverse grip, duck under opponent's arm. Hook their leg and lift them up onto your shoulders.

Set 3

1.Good morning, crescent over head, sweep under and break arm between legs.

2.Roll up, trap, brace against chest, reach to opponent's shoulder, pull in and break wrist.

3.7S, break, jam elbow

4.Roll out, trap, step back and snap-kick to elbow.

5.7S, break, elbow to shoulder

6.Like #2 OW, but stepping low.

7.Grab opposite hand, step and pull arm behind head, jerk.

8.Rake neck and step, pull head down to knee, scissors head.

9.Roll out, step across, break over shoulder.

10.Punch to face.

Inside Wrist

1.Reach across, placing your thumb between opponent's middle knuckles. Roll out and place your forearm on your thumb, pressing downwards.

2.Circle outside, swing back leg around, placing hand on opponent's elbow.

3.Trap, Spin backwards, Grab opponent's hand, and break.

4.Step through, grabbing opponent's elbow. Rotate their arm up and place their elbow next to their ear.

5.Reach across and grab opponent's shoulder. Break downward.

6.Circle outside, reinforce with other hand, press downward.


Set 1

1.Wrist - Reach across, trap. Twist and press down on opponent's wrist exploiting nerve on inside of wrist.

2.Forearm - Reach across, trap. Step back and break, rotate opponent's hand and forearm smash their elbow.

3.Elbow - Reach across, trap. Roll arm up, cup hand in, and lock opponent's arm.

4.Deltoid - Reach across, trap, and rotate body.

5.Trapezius - Reach across, trap. Roll arm up, straighten hand by pointing palm towards opponent, and lock opponent's arm.

6.Neck - Drop down, give two punches to opponent's stomach. Reach around; grab opponent's wrist and elbow, wrench hand off neck while stepping aside.

7.Double Lapel - GM

8.Single Lapel - Reach up, trapping opponent's hand in clothing. Step behind and sweep.

9.Breast Pocket - Reach across, trap. Come over and elbow smash downward.

10.Underhand Belt - Grab and trap, Rake wrist at nerve, circle and back-fist opponent's temple.

11.Underhand Belt - Grab and trap, step behind, sweep while elbowing.

12.Overhand Belt - Grab with both hands, extend index fingers, and break at wrist. "Like breaking a pencil...

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1 1.backfist 1.block 1.drop 1.good 1.grab 1.inside 1.jump 1.lift 1.raise 1.reach 1.shoulder 1.slash 1.step 1.sweep 1.wrist 10 10.7 10.block 10.kick 10.out 10.punch 10.reach 10.side 10.spin 10.step 10.underhand 11 11.block 11.drop 11.hammerfist 11.let 11.pull 11.reach 11.spin 11.step 11.underhand 12 12.block 12.drop 12.jam 12.overhand 12.roundhouse 12.step 12.thumb 13 13.block 13.break 13.hammerfist 13.overhand 13.scoop 13.snake 13.step 13.up 14 14.block 14.catch 14.drop 14.elbow 14.jam 14.reach 14.ribcage 14.step 15 15.block 15.catch 15.grab 15.scoop 15.shoulder 15.spin 15.step 15.trap 15.up 16 16.reach 17 18 18.reach 19 19.lock 2 2.armbar 2.armpit 2.block 2.crescent 2.forearm 2.grab 2.jump 2.look 2.outside 2.roll 2.shoot 2.slash 2.step 20 20.backhand 2004 25 3 3.7 3.block 3.break 3.chest 3.cup 3.drop 3.elbow 3.grab 3.guard 3.jump 3.look 3.reach 3.rotate 3.scoop 3.slash 3.snap 3.spinning 3.step 3.trap 4 4.block 4.catch 4.deltoid 4.drop 4.high 4.jump 4.left 4.neck 4.raise 4.reach 4.roll 4.side 4.slash 4.step 4.web 5 5.7 5.aoeu 5.block 5.crescent 5.cup 5.cut 5.deltoid 5.front 5.inside 5.jump 5.opposite 5.reach 5.right 5.step 5.trapezius 5.up 6 6.block 6.chop 6.grab 6.hook 6.look 6.neck 6.outside 6.slash 6.step 6.trapezius 6.web 7 7.7 7.block 7.double 7.elbow 7.fireman 7.grab 7.hammerfist 7.roundhouse 7.slash 7.stab 7.step 7.turn 7.up 7s 8 8.7 8.block 8.elbow 8.kick 8.mule 8.rake 8.reach 8.reverse 8.single 8.step 8.thrust 9 9.block 9.breast 9.catch 9.crescent 9.double 9.grab 9.inside 9.raise 9.reverse 9.roll 9.shoot 9.single 9.step 9.up accordion across air altern amb ankl anoth appli arm arm-bar armbar armpit around asid attack axe back back-fist back-hand backhand backward bang bar beak bear bear-hug behind belt bend bicep blade block bodi bow brace break bring brought buckl bundl cane carri cat catch caus chang check chest chin choic choke chop circl clockwis cloth collar collarbon come compact content continu control counter crane crescent cross cross-block cup curl cut danger dari ddt dead death defend defens dig direct disloc done dorsi doubl double-block double-circle-block double-lapel double-punch downward dragon drop duck ear earth either elbow element except exploit extend eye face fake fall feel figur figure-four finger finish first fist five fli flip follow foot forc forearm forehead form forward foundat four free front full full-bodi full-nelson gi give glossari gm gm/good-morning go good grab grind grip groin ground guard guid hak half half-step hammerfist hammerlock hand hapkido hard head headlock heel help high hilt hip hit hook hors hug hyperextend immedi index inner insid jam jawbon jerk judo jump jump-sid justif kata kick kidney knee knife knuckl lapel larg last latissimus lay lead lean learn left left-front leg legal let leverag lie life lift like lock longer low lung make manipul march meet middl midsect misdirect morn mule near neck nelson nerv next nose notebook obliqu offens one one-step onto oppon opposit outsid outward ow pain palm pant parti pass past peel pencil pinch pivot place plexus pocket point press pressur previous previously-learn properti pull pump pump-break punch push put rack rais rake ram reach readi rear reinforc releas repeat revers rib ridg right right-front roll rotat rough roundhous safeti sam scissor scoop second secur set seven seven-step shin shoot short shoulder shoulderblad side side-kick sidekick sideway singl single-eye-dragon slam slap slash slide smash smith snake snap snap-kick soft solar spar spear spin stab stanc stand start step stick stomach straight straighten strike style suplex sweep swing tabl takedown techniqu templ texa theori thigh third throat throw thrust thumb thursday time toe togeth top torso toward trap trapezoid triangl tricep trip turn twist two two-hand ulnar underneath undersid updat upward use usual vertic void vs vulner w/kick w/punch w/strike waist walk water way weav wide wrap wrench wrist x x-block x-chop x-grab x-slash