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              Notebook: Overall summary review that addresses the psychologists and their theories based on the textbook, class discussions, and group presentation. Summary review on (1) Brain and Memory, (2) Physical Development, (3) Cognitive Development, (4) Social Development, (5) Moral Development, (6) Intelligence, (7) Classical and Operant Conditioning/ Behaviorism,  (8) Perception, Gestalt, Memory, and Metacognition, (9) Social Cognitive and Constructivism, (10) Motivation and Self-Esteem, and (11)Taxonomies, instructional objectives, and standardized testing.                Apply the criteria below to each of the FEAP Papers:                                                                                                    A. Major contributors (if any)                                                                   B.Principles/Theories                                                                   C. Issues/Concerns                                                                   D. Impact on planning of instructional activities EDF 3214

This notebook should be submitted to C & W. This assignment must meet the expectations of the COE Writing Rubric.  
       1.     Summary review on the 1) brain and memory, 2) physical development and 3) cognitive development including:  
a.       major contributors
b.       principles/theories
c.        issues/concerns
d.       impact on planning of instructional activities (1) For Brain and Memory: Mention Neuron cells & the three parts (cell body, the dendrites, and the axon) and their relationship. Also, mention Myelin, and glial cells. Last, include the two structures crucial to learning and memory (hippocampus and amygdala).  (2) Physical Development: Discuss preschool years, elementary years, and adolescence (puberty). (3) Cognitive Development: Discuss Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky. Discuss each one separately. Then afterwards, you could discuss criticisms of both theories in a separate paragraph. In the last paragraph, you should pull it together about how a teacher could use ideas from Piaget and Vygot...

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