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Notebooks Taking Over Essay

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Notebooks Taking Over

Ripped and missing pages, broken spines, dirty covers, and out of date material, these are just a few downfalls of school textbooks.  Since the beginning of education, textbooks have been the backbone of education.  A several-hundred-page book divided into chapters and sprinkled with review questions has been the reference of choice for teachers around the world.  But is there a better way?  In today’s digital age, students are less willing to carry around and crack open textbooks, when there are faster and lighter ways to access information.  Specifically, school textbooks should be replaced by notebook computers. Laptops are more efficient for learning, students, and budgets. 

Students today are much more accustomed to finding information electronically than manually in textbooks.  Being able to use a search engine to find information on a topic is  much faster, and more accurate than reading/skimming pages in a book to find what you need. Laptops also provide the option to conveniently, and much more cost effectively upda...

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