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Imperialism: 1 countries domination of the political, economic, and social life of another country. Forms: colony(control everything) protectorate(had its own gov but policies guided by a foreign power) sphere of influence(economic only). Needed raw materials + desire for new markets. Acquire lands often thru military measures. Nationalism: pride in 1’s own nation. Desire for independence, self-rule, + restoration of their customs and traditions. Helped stir revolts. Bcame 1 of the most pwrful forces @ wrk in Europe during the 1800s. Conscription: compulsory call to military service +universal military training. Draft to call up 18-45 yr olds. Many pwers adopted this to increase military arms.Coup d’etat: sudden overthrow of gov leaders by a small group. Quick seizure of power. Nap and Louis napoleon did this. Sphere of influence. Area in a country where the imperial power has exclusive rights to trade or invest. Form of imperialism. Divide china into s.o.p. in 1890’s. _______________________________

(nephew of austro-hungarian emperor francis joseph) Francis Ferdinand and wife assassinated by gavrilo princip in Sarajevo- capital of bosnia. Serbia held responsible. Germany sends ah blank check to show support. A.h. gve Serbia ultimatum with conditions to avoid consequences. Serbs response not ...

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-45 .. 1 1799 18 1800s 1890 1st 2 2nd 4 a.h abl accus acid acid-steril acquir act adapt adopt advanc african afrikaners/boers agricultur agrument ah aldr alexand alli allianc alsac amerc america american anoth apartheid aprt area arms.coup artist assassin attempt australia austria austro austro-hungarian avoid b4 balanc balkan bank bankrupt bastill battl bcame behavior believ beliv bigger birth bismarck black blame blank bolivar bolshevik book bosnia bourgeoisi britain british broken brought bulgaria busi butnot call canada capit carbol cathol cc central chancellor chang charg charl chartist check china class code coloni commune communiti compulsori condit conflict conquer conscript consequ conserv contin continent control cook corpor countri coup creat creol crown custom cut czar d darwin dead deadlock death decad declar defeat democraci denmark desir destroy dicken dictatorship didn diminish directori diseas dismiss disput divid domin draft drag dreyfus duma durham dutch econom economi educ elba eli emperor emphas empir end enemi engl england enlighten equal etat euro europ european evalu even everi every1 everyth evil evolut exclus exil factori fail fair ferdinand fight first follow forc foreign form fought found fran franc franci franco franz free freedom french function gavrilo gb general genet geograph germ german germani global good gov greatest gregor group guid guisepp gve haitian hand hard held help highest hous huge human hungarian idea ident ii iii imagin impact imperi improv includ increas independ indiv individu industri infal influenc inhabit interchang intervent invad invest iron isol itali jame japan jewish joseph kaiser kanagawa kill king la labor laissez land largest last later latin law lead leader led left legislatur liber life like limit llyich loan local lord lorrain lost loui lower lowest lusitania lutheran machin make man manag mani maori market marx mass materi mazzini measur mendel merit method method-way militari militart million minist mobilz montesquieu motion movement must n nank nap napoleon nation nativ nazism near need negoti nephew new nichola nihil north notecard nothing offic often old olyanov one opium order organ origin otto ottoman overthrow papal parliament part parti passang pay pea peac peninsulaar person place plant pogrom polici polit pop power ppl prestig pride prime princip produc product proletariat promot protector prussia prussian psycholog put pwer pwrful quantiti quick radic raid rather raw reason recommend reform relat religi religion requir resent respons rest restor result revolt revolut revolution right robert romantic rule russ russia russian russif s.o.p sarajevo satisfi school scienc scientif se seizur self self-rul send separ serb serbia serbian servic set ship show side simon singl sir slave small social south southern sphere spread standard start state steril still stir stockhold stop strongest studi success sudden sunk support surviv symbol system tax terrioti theori thing think thinkg thori thru time today toe toler ton tori toussaint trade tradit train treason treati trench tripl two ultimatum unfair uniform union unit univers unnit upper upris us use venezuelan versaill visit vladmir von vote w wage walpoll want war warfar way weaken whitney whole wife william women won worker world would wrk wrote ww wwi year young yr zealand zeland