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Noteexchange E Commerce Essay

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Executive Summary (Note Exchange)

Note Exchange is a family-owned company that located in Manangatang, it’s business mainly concerns about selling CDs and Vinyl Records. The company with capitalization of $A1M, and sales revenue of the year is $A250,000. The increasing rate of sales revenue is four percent every year. And 12 percent of every year sales revenue contributes to the company’s profit account. Right now Note Exchange doing business in traditional way, sale CDs and Vinyl Records to cunsumers in physical shop and through mail and phone orders. Although business operation is stable over years, its management team aim to explore new opportunities in retail sales, and to improve company’s revenue and profit. One approach that is suggested by management team member is to expand business into e-commerce realm and create an e-business site for sales, marketing, and customer relationship management (CRM). The management team, although don’t have much previous in this area, are open to any possible E-business technology that can improve company’s performances of retail sales, marketing management and relationship with customers. However, the financial budget should not exceed half of the profits of next year’s business, which should be $A31,200.


The main objectives of Note Exchange’s e-business plan are as follows: To develop an effective e-commerce sites for sales of Cds and Vinyl Records. To create a new channels for marketing promotion strategies. Help the company to reach more new customers at less cost through e-business promotion strategies. To improve sales and profitability

To create channels for customer communication and gathering customer datas. To improve customer relationship management (CRM).
Implement an e-commerce with a budget estimated not to exceed more than half the profits of the upcoming year’s business. Enrich and improve customers’ shopping experiences.
Improve effectiveness and efficiency of business operation


The main business of Note Exchange is sales of CDs and Vinyl Records. In the current business mode the sales are mostly conducted through physical shop, phone orders and mail orders. The annual sales of Note Exchange increases constantly at rate of 4 percent every year, and the profit is 12 percent of sales revenue.

E-Business Model of Note Exchange

The e-Business model refer to the summarized description of company functions, including its revenue model, operation process and marketing model. As fast development of e-business world in recently years, many different e-business models have emerged. In most cased the e-business models can be concluded into five categories: Business-to-Consumer (B2C), Business-to-Business (B2B), Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C), Business-to-Government (B2G), and Business Processes (Schneider, 2013). Consider the nature of business process of Note Exchange company, we would say the the business model for its online site should be a Business-to-Consumer model,with which the business transaction is between business entity and final ...

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