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i next, Kanpur, 24 January 2014

“Formal education will make you a living. Self education will make you a fortune.” - Jim [email protected]


Model Test Paper (Phy. Edu.): CBSE
Physical Education
Class : XII
Time: 3 Hours
M. M. : 70
General Instruction :
1. All questions are compulsory.
2. Question paper carries Part A
and B.
3. Answer to questions carrying 1
mark should be in approximately
30 words.
4. Answer to questions carrying 2
marks should be in approximately
60 words.
5. Answer to questions carrying 3
marks should be in approximately
100 words.

6. Answer to questions carrying 5
marks should be in approximately
150-200 words.
[ PART – A ]
Q. 1 : What do you mean by
Coordinative Abilities?
Q. 2 :
Q. 3 : What do you mean by
Proper Sports Environment?
Q. 4 : What is Kyphosis?
Q. 5 : What do you mean by
Q. 6 : What are Minerals? [1]
Q. 7 : What are Pace Races?[1]
Q. 8 : What is Anxiety?
Q. 9 : Briefly explain about aerobic
and anaerobic activities.

Q. 10 : Briefly mention the merits
of league tournament.
Q. 11 : Explain the correct posture
of walking in brief.
Q. 12 : Discuss the role of fats on
sports performance of sportspersons.

Q. 13 : Explain about two minerals.

Q. 14 : How an individual is
benefitted with physical fitness and
Q. 15 : Draw a fixture of 25 teams
on knockout basis in which 8 teams
are to be seeded.
Q. 16 : Explain any three...

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