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POLI SCI 241: WEEK 1 (JAN 7)
Varying, different definitions of globalization
Expansion/interconnectedness of states —> forged by movement of ppl, info, goods and services across state boundaries In general, not only economic interconnectedness also a social/cultural phenomenon —> family moving to be closer to family or watching a video on youtube from another country Political

Among key development: technological—> transportation (planes) easier to fly around —> internet, communication around the world Catalyzed by global developments —> cold war
Institutionalized—> various connections —> creation of World Trade Organization-> facilitate goods and movements across states Non state actors became more significant in world politics
Globalization has been a uneven process—> affected people in different ways —> not equally integrated into connection —> large ppl left out or disempowered or negatively affected by globalization—> new inequalities and exploitation even with new developments and expansion —> most part: relatively wealthy countries and others stay marginalized (sub saharan Africa) Is globalization even something new? Internationalization is growing interconnected between entities being discreet (sovereign) —> globalization is defined with growing entities that change the world (??) or shape the politics

Poli Sci 241: Week 2 (JAN 14)
Historical developments in contemporary international system: Peace of Westphalia (1648):
sovereign statehood => principle of non intervention —> mutual acceptance that each state should be left to it’s own devices when it comes to th...

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