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Sara Bednarek
Notes-How To Differentiate Instruction In Mixed-Ability Classrooms by Carol Ann Tomlinson Tomlinson, Carol A. (2001) How to differentiate instruction in mixed-ability classrooms /Alexandria, Va. : Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. In a differentiated classroom commonalities are acknowledged and built upon and student differences become important elements in teaching and learning. (pg. 1) Students should have multiple options for taking in information, making sense of ideas, and expressing what they learn. Adjusting the quantity of an assignment will be less effective than adjusting the nature of the assignment to match student needs. Assessment should take place before a unit, during a unit, and on the completion of the unit. Teachers need to differentiate content, process, and product. Teachers must help students take increasing responsibility for their own growth. Differentiated instruction is a blend of whole class, group, and individual instruction. When students continue to work on understandings and s...

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