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Colonization(definition: see photo)
england: empire

relationship between india and Britain
colony providie raw material
how religious and racial facilate colonization?

why Colony is justified at that time

regard their continent as the most advanced and aggressive continent the duty of going to other countries less advanced

europe is full of science; other continents full of suspicious ' the advancement of military and medical science -----high level of civilization western can lead the society
most extreme

different definition of "civilization" beweteen past and right now

excuses reggarding colony related with science and technological __??

religious: Christiian missionary major goal : 1.conversion people to christians 2.teach the natives the western lifestyl...

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.. 1.conversion 1.far 11 11/13 13 2.expensive 2.teach abl advanc aggress agricultur alphabet also although anoth attitud attract away b beef belief beweteen bit britain build buildijg buildijg-especili built c care caus china chines christian christiian civil clock colomi colon coloni communic competit condit conquer construct contin control convers countri countries-thes coz creat day deal definit deleg destri destroy differ discov doesn duti e.g eat eclips educ effect effici empir enemi engin england equal especili eupean europ even everi excus expens extrem facil far faster fight find first forc full get go goal good govern government-hold granute great grow gunboat happen hard heavili help high hindu hold human idea ignor imagin imperi import increas india indian indic industri industril interest investor investors-promis justifi knowledg known lazi lead less level lifestyl littl live lose lowest maintain major make mani manipul manufactur manufatru market materi mean mechan medic messag method might militari min mission missionari money move mutini nap nativ natur need news night non non-western note often oil opium order origin pair past pedicur peopl photo physoloph play poplular pork pose precious prevent problem process product profit project promis proprieti protect providi quot r racial railroad railway rate rather raw rebel regard reggard reject relat relationship reli religi religion repres requir resourc respect result return right schedul scienc scientif second see seen sell send signal societi space start steam sth still stop streamship suprem suspici take taken tariff task teach tech technolog technolohgi telegraph test text theolog thought time toward trade train tranc trance-sel transpirt transport type u unsaf upset use want way well western whole work world