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Notes 12 Essay

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Kyle Park

Classical or Operant
A very bright (mildly painful) light is turned on a rat. The rat has learned that he can turn off the light by pressing a lever on the other side of his cage. As soon as the light comes on, the rat runs across the room and presses the lever. Negative Reinforcement because it gets rid of the painful light, which will strengthen this...

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1 11e 12 12/02/14 2 3 across adapt affect alcohol alter anim appar approach associ attitud avoid behavior behaviorist bio bio-psycho-soci biolog break bright built cage classic cognit come condit conscious constraint critic cultur de de-emphas demonstr desir discrimin drink drug easili effect emphas environ exist expect experi extrins feel free general genet get human ignor incent indic induc influenc insight intern intrins justif kyle lack latent layout learn lever light map mental mice mild motiv natur nausea negat never new note observ occur one oper other over-justif pain park perform piec predict predisposit presenc present press previous principl problem psycho psycholog punish rat reinforc respons retain reward rid role room run sake seek side social social-cultur societi solut soon strengthen surviv thought togeth turn uncondit