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Margot Fonteyn was born on the 18th of May 1919, her original name was Margaret Peggy and was born in Hookham in Reigate England. She was the daughter of an English man and Irish mother of Brazilian ancestry. Margot lived in China during her childhood and studied ballet. Upon returning to England when she was 14 years old she started studying ballet again under Olga Preobrajenskaya and Mathilde Kschessinnskaya they more among some of the greatest teachers during there time.

Margot joined the Royal Ballet which used to be called the Sadler’s Wells Theatre when she was a teenager. By 1939 she was the company’s prime ballerina at the age of only 20. Margot Fonteyn became an instant celebrity in 1949 when The Royal Ballet toured the United States. She was knighted DBE (made a Dame) in 1954 at the age of 35.

Margot Fonteyn could have retired when she was 40 but didn’t because she had medical bills to pay for her husband, despite suffering from an arthritic foot. She later retired in 1979 when she was 58 years old after 40 years of dancing as a career, an amazing achievement. On retirement the Royal Ballet honoured her with the title prima Ballerina Assolute. She ended her days in Panama on a farm and remained loyal to her husband part was because she was devoted to his children from his earlier marriage. Shortly after the death of her husband Margot was diagnosed with cancer and later died on the 21st of February 1...

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