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Government 2301 Final Review
1. Define liberal, moderate, conservative.
- Liberals: one who favors governmental involvement in the economy and in the provision of social services and who takes an activist role in protecting the rights of women, the elderly, minorities, and the environment. - Conservatives: one who believes that a government is best that governs least and that big government should not infringe on individual, personal, and economic rights. - Moderate: A person who takes a relative centrist or middle-of-the-road view on most political issues. 2. Define political ideology.

- The coherent set of values and beliefs about the purpose and scope of government held by groups and individuals. 3. What is the difference between federalist and Anti-federalist? - Federalist were those who favored a stronger national government and supported the proposed U.S. Constitution; later became the first U.S. political party. - Anti-federalist were those who favored strong state governments and a weak national government; opposed the ratification of the U.S. Constitution. 4. What were the major disagreements at the constitutional convention? - No bill of rights

ISSUE SOURCE OF LEGISLATIVE POWER | VIRGINIA PLANDerived from the people and based on popular representation | NEW JERSEY PLAN Derived from the states and based on equal votes for each state | GREAT COMPROMISEMix, from the people for one house, from the states for the other. | LEGISLATIVE STRUCTURE | Bicameral | Unicameral | Bicameral; one house of equal representation, another based on population | EXECUTIVE | Size undetermined; elected and removable by Congress | More than one person; removable by majority | Single executive; removed by impeachment – state majority | JUDICIARY | Life tenure; able to veto legislation in council of revision | No power over states | Life...

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