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Practice Speech:
Explore how perceptions of Belonging and not belonging can be influenced by connections to places. In your response, refer to prescribed text and ONE other.

Whether or not someone has a strong connection to a place is greatly influenced their own perceptions of belonging. This is seen in ‘As You Like It’ by Duke Senior’s sense of refuge in the Forest of Arden, Duke Fredericks dis-attatchment to others living in the court and Jaques inability to find a sense of self in either the court or the Forest of Arden due to his lack of connection to any certain place.

The perception of belonging that Duke Senior has is refuge and this is influenced by his surprising connection to the Forest of Arden. Given his unfortunate circumstances, he is pleasantly surprised that he has connected so well to a place unexpected. This is shown clearest in Act 2, Scene 1 when Duke Senior claims life in the forest is far superior to life at court in his opening monologue. “Hath not old cu...

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