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Letter of Transmittal
April 24, 2011Md. Hamidul Islam
LecturerCourse Instructor, Principles of MarketingFaculty of Business Administration,American International University-Bangladesh Subject: Submission of the report for Principles of Marketing Dear Sir,In order to your response our group has prepared a report ‘PARTEX GROUPINDUSTRIES LIMITED”. We have obeyed your guidelines to prepare ourconcept in all the sequences of marketing. We have done the Marketing Mix(4P’s) Analysis and Competitors Evaluation of the organization.While working on this report we have gained a lot of basic and skills of Marketing processes in reality. We hope this report will come up with therequirements which you have suggested. We therefore, hope that you willaccept our project.Sincerely yours, With Regards,1. _______________ 2. _______________ 3. _______________   

We specially thank our faculty Md. Hamidul Islam for giving us this wonderful opportunity andapproval to submit a formal report onAdvanced Chemical Industries (ACI) Limited.

 We must also thank the personnel’s of ACI who helped us with all the much needed informationand data. In that case we want to recall few names Mr. Priyatosh Datta,Director(QualityAssurance) andMr. Syed Alamgir,Executive Director(Consumer Brands).Our classmates’ role in assisting information collection is also acknowledged here. We arethankful to some of our friends and senior students who guided us to prepare the report best.Last but not the least; we would like to thank all the concerned authorities who have given their valuable time to us. Their cooperation has made this report a reality.There are some data and information in this report whic...

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