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Perception is the interpretation process by which consumer makes sense of their own environment. Many people believe that perception is passive or rather that we see and hear what is out there very objectively. However , the truth is quite the country. People actually actively perceive stimuli and object in their surrounding environment. Consumer see what they expect to see, and what they expect to see usually depends on their general beliefs and stereotypes. Since different group (segment) of people have different general beliefs and stereotype, they tend to perceive stimuli in the marketing need to be aware of this fact about perception so that they may be also to tailor the different segment they are targeting. Additional, perceptual expectation can lead to illusion and illusion can used to great effect in packing and advertising. The way in which a service is perceived and experienced influences customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is a precondition for customer loyalty and consequently for the continuity of a company. Customer perception is therefore central to a service provider success in the market.

Customer perception has a number of key aspects:
* User experience (convenience, benefits, enjoyment)
* Price perception in relation to purchase decision and use * Extent to which expectation are met (brand promise)
* Availability (brand awareness)
* Supports and communication by the supplier

The buying decision process:
Marketers have to go beyond the various influence on buyer and develop an understanding of our customers actually make their buying decision. Especially marketers must identify who makes the buying decision the type of buying decision and the steps in buying decision process as fallows. Buying roles:

We can distinguish five order people might play in a buying decision. Initiator:
A person who first suggest the idea of buying the product or service. Influencer:
A person whose view or advise influence the decision.
A person who decides on any component of a buying decision whether to buy, How to buy or where to buy.
A person who makes the actual purchase.

A person who consumer or uses the product or service.
Stages in the buying decision process:
Marketers have to go beyond the various influences on buyers and develop an understanding of how consumer actually makes their buying decision. Consumer decision making varies with the type of buying decision. Problem recognition:

Recognition the problem or need is the first step in the buying decision process. The need can be arou...

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