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Running head: Cuban Missile Crisis

Cuban Missile Crisis
Sandra Mijango
History Class

In this I will be informing you about the Cuban missile crisis, which occurred in October 1962. I will be mentioning a few facts about how this almost became a nuclear war, and how U Thant was a very important person on those events that lead to a temporary peace.

"We're eyeball to eyeball, and I think the other fellow just blinked."

- Secretary of State Dean Rusk, during the Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962 This was a quote that the secretary of state refer to when recalling the Cuban missile crisis, I find this to be true not just of that specific event but many since then, we as America tend to at time bluff our way thru some extremely tough situations, not just back then but as we have progress in our history. One of the things that I find we didn’t do so well back then was the quarantine set on the republic of Cuba, the tactic that seem to sell our turkey I don’t think was that greatly done and last but not least the U-2 spy plane that was shoot down. I would like to begin with “...We reaffirm that the armaments which are in Cuba, regardless of the classification to which they may belong, are intended solely for defensive purposes in order to secure the Republic of Cuba against the attack of an aggressor” Chairman Khrushchev. Even thou I do agree that this had to be stopped or we wouldn’t be here, I think we went by the wrong way of doing it. I believe that as the North America we should have waited for a reply from our NATO allies in order to set this quarantine. We could have done the shadow game with them to let them know that we knew about what they had, and maybe that would have deterred them at least for a few weeks to not hit port. Many things happened here but one that I don’t see as it was done correctly was the fact that we deployed fort then we said hey lets informed the American people. Secondly even thou we made it seem like we were just goofing around with this missile trading proposal. For some this may have been seen as a sell out for the Turkish country, but when you really think about it I believe that this move was done correctly. I don’t think that giving the Soviet Union any nuclear power missiles would have been for anyone concerned. I believe that even though the president was critized for these actions, I believe that he made the right...

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