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Flexible Work Arrangements: A Definition And Examples
Workplace Flexibility 2010, Georgetown University Law Center

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Georgetown University Law Center

Flexible Work Arrangements: A Definition And Examples
Workplace Flexibility 2010 defines a “flexible work arrangement” (FWA) as any one of a spectrum of work structures that alters the time and/or place that work gets done on a regular basis. A flexible work arrangement includes: 1. flexibility in the scheduling of hours worked, such as alternative work schedules (e.g., flex time and compressed workweeks), and arrangements regarding shift and break schedules; 2. flexibility in the amount of hours worked, such as part time work and job shares; and 3. flexibility in the place of work, such as working at home or at a satellite location. Our research indicates that workplaces today offer a wide range of flexible work arrangements. What arrangements are provided, and how they are defined, can vary widely. For purposes of discussing policy approaches for advancing FWAs, therefore, we have attempted to impose some coherence on the range of such arrangements by categorizing them along the lines of our definition above – i.e., flexibility in work scheduling; flexibility in number of hours worked; and flexibility in place. The goal of this document is thus primarily to give you a sense of what the “it” is when we talk about FWAs. To achieve that goal, we have provided definitions and examples of the most commonly provided FWAs within each cate...

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