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BMGT 320:
* Effective Management Skills

Copyright June 2009
Friends University


This course will enhance students understanding of foundational business concepts, provide them exposure to examples of promising practices and introduce them to relevant theories so that as future managers they will have the framework necessary to make sound decisions. In addition, attention is given to global nature of today’s business environment as well as the impact and role of information technology for managers in today’s marketplace.

It will revolve around understanding the functions of management, including planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. The class and homework activities are designed to help students become more aware of the issues facing managers and provide them with ways to apply the knowledge gained.

Course Description
An applied sciences approach to management with importance to the organizational design as well as the continuous improvement related to the managerial functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling. To develop multiple approaches for possible resolution related to managerial challenges within the organizational environments, the corporate culture, and the ability to integrate diversity as well as maintain integrity within an ethical context. -------------------------------------------------

Topical Outline
1. Personal Effectiveness
2. Problem Solving
3. Ethics
4. Motivation and Performance Management
5. Power, Influence and Leadership
6. Change Management

Course Objectives and Measureable Learning Outcomes
Students completing this course will be able to
1. Describe and explain the functions of management and the skills needed to become an effective manager. 2. Explain terminology, classifications, methods, and trends in management. 3. Explain how to integrate the concepts of diversity and integrity into the corporate culture and maintain personal ethical values. 4. Explai...

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