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Proposal for Full Body Check up and Screening

Proposal Title | Full Body Check up and Screening |
Proposal Number | P.O.IHA120922 |
Presented To | Vertical De Aviacion |
Presented By | Interhealth Afghanistan |
Service Location | Kabul, Afghanistan |
Issuance Date | ? |

About Interhealth Afghanistan:
Interhealth Afghanistan (IHA) is the first medical Third Party Administration (TPA) Company in Afghanistan bringing international standard of excellence in the field of full medical care services and medical assistance into the Afghanistan Market. IHA has the largest network of medical care service providers including NATO/ISAF healthcare facilities in Afghanistan and private standard healthcare facilities in India, Dubai and Turkey where IHA already has contractual arrangements in place. The fully comprehensive Third Party Administration services that are being offered are backed by market leading computer systems, as well as highly skilled medical staff managing all the claims. The computer system allows for internationally recognized medical claims management reporting, allowing our clients to manage their membership portfolios efficiently. We represent more than 41 International Health Insurance and Medical Assistance Companies in Afghanistan. Company profile:

Interhealth Afghanistan is a respected member of the large SMN investment and International Assistance Group of Companies and a sister company of the Insurance Corporation of Afghanistan. We operate 24/7 every 365days of the year. Our clients:

International health Insurance Companies, International Medical Assistance Companies, Large Private and Governmental Cooperate Groups, Mining Companies, De-mining Companies, UN-Afghanistan, International Embassies in Afghanistan, Security and Aviation Companies and many more. Our Vision

Continue to LEAD the way to full medical care services and medical assistance for both national and international individuals and companies. Our Mission
We will keep on developing as a well known and recognized company in the field of medical assistance and medical care services through innovation and excellence. We stand for expertise, local knowledge, international resources, transparency, commitment and quality.

Full Body Check Up and Screening

What is a screening or a full Body Checkup?
A screening test is any investigative method that can be applied to a seemingly healthy patient for the purposes of diagnosing underlying conditions that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. The Health check up program aims at preserving and promoting good health, preventing diseases and disability by facilitating early diagnosis and the treatment of same. The purpose of such a test is to allow for treatment of these conditions to be started as soon as possible, leading to better outcomes. To meet the growing demands of the competitive world, most of us tend to ignore our health until we are compelled to confront a medical complication. To cope up with a rising risk of the medical disorders, health monitors have become mandatory. This is where Interhealth Afghanistan comes into the picture. It recognizes the importance and need for preventive health care and for the purpose have launched various Health Checkup Packages. Health Checkup packages at INTERHEALTH AFGHANISTAN consist of a range of checks to determine and prevent the occurrence or presence of signals indicating ill health and paving way for the wellness.

Health Check Ups & Executive Health Screening
Give yourself the best possible chance in life...

Having a regular, thorough, health check-up gives you up-to-date information about your body and complet...

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