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It is not possible to cram for an exam covering ALL OF WORLD HISTORY. In order to properly prepare for this exam, you will need several weeks to master the content as well as the skills. The following plan will help you to manage your time and get you ready for the test. It would be best if you worked in study groups of 3-4 classmates. Prepare to spend SEVERAL HOURS each week reviewing the content of this course. You should have a review book to help you.

Suggested study steps:

1. Before you meet with your study group:
a. Read and highlight review book section for assigned period of history b. Create note cards for important terms and people
c. Gather old notes & PERSIAN charts for each time period and review them

2. With your study group:
d. Collected and graded each Monday
* Complete entire packet including charts and essay outlines e. Suggested:
* Discuss topics listed below with study group
* Complete multiple choice in review book and check over incorrect responses * Write one complete essay while timing yourself

Units of World History:
1. Technological and Environmental Transformations (8000 BCE – 600 BCE) 2. Organization and Reorganization of Human Societies (600 BCE – 600 CE) 3. Regional and Transregional Interactions (600 CE – 1450 CE) 4. Global Interactions (1450 – 1750 CE)

5. Industrialization and Global Integration (1750 – 1900 CE) 6. Accelerating Global Change and Realignment (1900 – Present)

Week 1 | April 9th | 8000 BCE – 600 BCE | Review Book Unit 1Comparative Essay (40 min.) | Week 2 | April 16th | 600 BCE – 600 CE | Review Book Unit 2DBQ Essay (50 min.) | Week 3 | April 23rd | 600 CE – 1450 CE | Review Book Unit 3Comparative Essay (40 min.) | Week 4 | April 30th | 1450 – 1750 CE | Review Book Unit 4CCOT Essay (40 min.) | Week 5 | May 7th | 1750 – 1900 CE | Review Book Unit 5CCOT Essay (40 min.) | Week 6 | May 14th | 1900 – Present | Review Book Unit 6DBQ (50 min.) |

Discussion Topics for Study Groups:

1. What are the patterns and effects of interaction among societies at this time? (trade, wars, diplomacy, international relations)

2. Discuss the relationships of change and continuity across the world in this period.

3. What is the impact of technology during this period? What is the impact of demography during this period? (population growth, decline, disease, manufacturing capabilities, agriculture, weaponry, etc.)

4. Describe the systems of social structure and gender structure (compare across societies).

5. Describe the cultural, intellectual and religious developments during this period across the world. Discuss how these ideas spread from one group to another.

6. Describe chan...

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