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Sociology- family.

What is family?
Defining family is hard because there are wide ranges of family in this society today; however the conventional definition is that it involves married couple with one or more children. Most people are likely to describe the term family as a mum, dad and children. This is often seen as the typical and ‘common’ type of family. Most people call it “cereal packet family” however the correct team for this would be “nuclear family”. A research shows that this type of family is considered as an important type of family. However In UK there are only about 25 per cent of the households that are made up of nuclear family. Now days there are different / wide variety of families that are becoming much more important, these growing types of families include: the single-parent family, extended family, reconstituted or step families, cohabiting couples and their children, beanpole families, singletons (people who live by themselves) and same sex families. Single –parent family: A single parent family is also known as lone parenthood, this is when the parents are separated due to divorce then the one of the parent are given custody...

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