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Chapter 4 – Arrangement of Electrons in Atoms

I. The Development of a New Atomic Model
A. Properties of Light
1. Wavelike properties:
a. electromagnetic spectrum = all the forms of electromagnetic radiation (such as visible light, x-rays, microwaves, infrared light, etc.) b. speed of light (c) = 3.0 x 108m/s
c. wavelength (λ) = the distance between the same point on 2 waves d. frequency (ν) = the # of waves that pass per second. Unit = hertz e. c=λν

2. Particle-like properties:
a. photon = tiny particle of electromagnetic radiation having no mass and carrying a quantum of energy (the smallest amount of energy an atom can gain or lose) b. the energy of a photon, Ephoton = hν, where h=6.626 x 10-34Js c. photoelectric effect = when light of a minimum frequency strikes a metal, electrons are emitted from the metal. The minimum frequency corresponds to a minimum photon energy.

B. The Hydrogen Atom Spectrum
1. When an atom in its excited (higher energy) state returns to it...

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