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noteWorld History After the 1500

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Theoretical foundations
* Past is prologue: Braudel, the river and the lounge duree * No concept of what it is to live in the past
* Europe conquers the early world multiple times due to capitalism * There is no more Caesar, only money
* The lens in which we study the world, the population and the mindset as sponges, influenced by your environment * Language, culture, how has that been influenced by historical trends

Islamic Sphere in 1450
* Arab world before Mohammad’s birth
* Traveled to master his ideas mainly from Arabian peninsula and Red sea * Mohammad’s (570? 632 CE) life, Quran and Hadith(a) popularity of * Expansion, Into Europe, Asia, Africa
* Spread of Islam 622-900 AD
* Main Islamic empire in the Middle East/Europe/Africa: the Ottomans * Conversion of Turkic tribes of Central Asia from animism of Sunni Islam, Osman (otman) as paternal figure in Ottoman tribe * 1 in 10 people in the world is a decedent of Khan

Expansion of the Ottomans
* Conquest of Anatolia from Byzantines/Latin Kingdom of Constantinople in mid-13th century, Ottomans take Byzantines in 1453

Wednesday January 16th, 2013

Columbian Exchange-
Why does it matter?
* Native Americans effectively decease as a culture
* Crops, potato, horses and animals moved across ice bridge * The potato is brought to Europe and feeds vast peasant societies * Grand initiation for the 400 year campaign of European conquest * The conquest of the world by Europe is done after the 1400 failure * 1300 max population in Europe

* Many children previously died due to lack of nutrition before born until the medieval warming period where crops hit a all time high * Famine in Europe 1315-1319
* Half the population in Europe lost to plague in 1350s

* 5 million burned for “witch craft” between 500 and 1500 * Printing press of Gutenberg first printed the bible then in vernacular

Europe emerges from the 14th century crisis
* Jared diamond, feudalism becomes capitalism, technology, and immunity * Warfare, famine, and plague
* The Church’s illegitimacy ...

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