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Scarlet fever is basically a rash that occurs to people who have received strep throat. This specific disease commonly occurs to the age group of teenagers and children under 18 (CDC and Mayo Clinic). Scarlet Fever comes from the "Stage1" disease of the Streptococcus Bacteria which is Strep throat. There are several different ways to acquire the Scarlet fever disease. There are also many symptoms, cases, data, treatments, and impacts on many things in the environment.

Getting this contagious disease is quite simple- just touch the germs of the ill person with Scarlet Fever. Let's say that Joe is sick or has the virus for Scarlet Fever but is not showing the symptoms and comes to his friend Bob's house. Joe plays videogames, plays tag, and eats lunch at Bob's house. Later after Joe leaves, Bob plays videogames again, but uses the remote that Joe apparently a...

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