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Sumeet Kumar Agarwal
Add: 111/141, 19th Cross, 19th Main, J.P.Nagar-5th Phase, Bangalore-560078
e: [email protected], P: +91 9945202914


To achieve excellence in working as dynamic professional offering solutions to business using the best available where my analytical ability and analyzing quest are used maximum for growth of the organization and to grow with the organization.


* An energetic, enthusiastic financial professional with over 5 years of experience in Accounts and Finance. * In depth knowledge of accounting program like Tally and Oracle. * In-depth knowledge of financial reporting, data review, preparing budget, payroll processing and reconciliations * Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills

* Managed complex accounting tasks efficiently and ability to improve workflow.


* Accounts and Finance
* Accounts Payable and Receivable
* Reconciliation of Accounts


Company Name: Working with Adarsh Solutions Pvt Ltd Deputed to Client GE Indi...

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