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Tuition fees vote: Plans approved despite rebellion

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Vince Cable says he is proud of being part of the government and taking tough decisions Continue reading the main story
University Funding
* Q&A: Tuition fee rises
* Student fee plan 'not workable'
* Universities face 6% teaching cut
* Does rioting change anything?
The government has survived a revolt by Liberal Democrat and Conservative MPs over its plans to increase university tuition fees in England. The policy was approved by 21 votes, with the coalition's majority cut by almost three-quarters following an impassioned five-hour Commons debate. Twenty-one Lib Dem MPs rebelled, along with six Conservatives. The coalition motion, backed by 323 votes to 302, would raise fees to a maximum of £9,000 a year. Ministerial aides quit

The debate took place while thousands of students staged protests at Westminster and after the outcome became clear, violence intensified and windows in Treasury buildings were smashed. Ministers said that the fees increase was necessary and fair, but Labour argued it would deter the poor from going to university. Some 21 Lib Dems rebelled, while 27 - ...

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