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Chapter 21.1 Plant Evolution and Adaptations
-Cell walls are for protection
-Cellulose is a polymer of sugar
-Cell division that includes the formation of a cell plate
-The same type of chlorophyll used in photosynthesis
-Similar genes for ribosomal RNA
-Food stored as starch
-The same types of enzymes in cellular vesicles
-A cuticle is a waxy layer that helps keep water in
-Helps prevent the evaporation of water from plant tissues
-Acts as a barrier to invading microorganisms
-Adaptations that enable the exchange of gases even with the presence of a cuticle on a plant -Openings in the outer cell layer of leaves and some stems
Vascular tissues
-Vascular tissues enables faster movements of substances that by osmosis and diffusion, and over greater distances -Vascular tissue provides support and structure, so vascular plants can grow larger than nonvascular plants Selectively permeable

-Some things are allowed to go throw but not others
Need to know
-Vascular nonvascular plant
-Gymnosperm and angiosperm
-How plants are related to algae
-Sporophyte vs. gametophyte and alt of generations
-Cuticle, seeds, flowers
-Water sticks to itself
-Water sticks to other things, but not itself
-A plant structure that contains an embryo, contains nutrients for the embryo, and is covered with a protective coat. -These features enable seeds to survive harsh environmental conditions and then sprout when favorable conditions exist Alternation of Generations

-Gametophyte generation produces gamet...

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