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“Reconciliation with a New Promise”
(Jeremiah 31:31 -34)

Setting: Main Worship Service
Length of Delivery: 20 minutes

Leslie Richardson III, L24628258

HOMI 501

Professor Dr. Joel Breidenbaugh

August 5, 2012

Liberty University August 5, 2012
Leslie Richardson III

“Reconciliation with a New Promise”
(Jeremiah 31:31 -34)


In life many people, groups, organizations make pacts with each other. When a person marries, a pact is formed or established between the two, man and woman. Most of the pacts are not fulfilled due to the group, individual or organizations not able to fully commit to living out the pact requirements. According to Civitas EU Facts, seventeen EU members who used the Euro funds to support their economy agreed to keep the amount of funds spending and borrow in control to assist with economic stability and growth of their respective country. The agreement was called the Euro Stability and Growth Pact. Many Eurozone members were not able to keep the rules. As a result in 2005, the rules were changed to allow flexibi...

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