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Ch 36 Terms
1. Harry S. Truman: the 33rd president, who succeeded Franklin Roosevelt upon Roosevelt’s death in April 1945, Truman led the country through the last few months of world war 2 is best known for making the controversial decision to use two atomic bombs against Japan in august 1945. After the war Truman was crucial in the implementation of the matshall plan, which greatly accelerated Western Europe’s economic recovery. 2. Benjamin Spock: one sign of the sort of stress was the phenomal popularity of advice books on childrearing, especially Dr. Benjamin Spock’s the Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care, first published in 1945, it instructed millions of parents during the ensuing decades in the kind of homely wisdom that was once naturally transmitted from grandparents to parent, and from parent to child." page 915 3. George F. Kennan: crafted the containment doctrine, brilliant young diplomat and Soviet specialist, Kennan argued that communism could be gotten rid of with firm and vigilant containment. Truman took Kennan’s advice this idea ended up back firing on Truman and the American public. page 929 4. Douglas MacArthur: during Korean war, he commander of allied forces in the south pacific during world war 2 and of un forces in Korea. He lead the American, British, and south Korea forces. MacArthur fought up until the Yalu River by the Chinese border. Truman told him to only use Korean forces to fight. Eventually Truman dismisses Macarthur. Some believe MacArthur was the reason the United States failed to liberate North Korea. 5. Mao Zedong: Washington halfheartedly supported nationalist government of Generalissimo Jiang Jieshi in his struggle with the communist under Mao Zedong. but ineptitude and corruption with Generalissimo s regime gradually began to corrode the confidence of his people. Communist armies swept south overwhelming, and late in 1949, Jiang was forced to flee with the remnants of his once powerful force to the last Hope Island of formasa. (Page 933) Mao Zedong :this man became the leader of the Chinese communist party and remained its leader til death.

13. Thomas Dewey- he was the governor of New York (1943-1955) and the unsuccessful republican candidate for the U.S. presidency in 1944 and 1948. As a leader of the liberal faction of the Republican Party he fought the conservative faction led by Senator Robert a. Taft, and played a major role in nominating Dwight d. Eisenhower for the presidency in 1952. pg 935-937

14. Richard M. Nixon- he was a committee member of the House of Representatives, committee on un-American activities (to investigate "subversion")...

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