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Ch. 6 Sec 1 – Early years of war
. -The Opposing Sides – Patriots (wanted to be separated from England) vs. Loyalist (wanted to remain England) -The war was not expected to last long – Britain was the strongest nation in the world and expected to win the war quickly I. Patriot obstacles (difficulties in fighting Britain)

a. Population
b. Navy
c. American Militia – Small local armies
d. Americans Divided – Between Patriots and Loyalists e. Continental Congress – Name of the Government in Charge during the Revolutionary – No Centralized power (no President during war) power – Colonist feared giving to much power in the hands of a few people (like a KING) f. Raising and Army – Was Difficult – no central power. 13 colonies fought 13 separate wars – It was a Voluntary Army II. Loyalist (Tories another n) supported Britain for Several Reasons a. Britain’s Anglican Church – Wanted to follow their religion b. Britain supplied many of the jobs for the colonist

c. Fear of Challenging Government
d. Some did not understand why the war was being fought e. More loyalist located in South
f. Slaves and Fee Blacks Some were Promised Freedom from Britain if they fought in the war III. American Advantages over British troops
a. Fought on own ground- More familiar
b. Personal Stake- If they lost they might get hanged or sent to jail for being a traitor c. George Washington – Well respecte...

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