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CHAPTER 1: Introduction:
A. Background of the Study
As we all know, the trees that are being cut are being made into furniture’s, doors, etc., but our environment is suffering from different kinds of man-made and natural disasters because of this. Our virgin forest is now destroyed because of illegal logging. The illegal loggers didn’t know the effects of cutting trees in our society. As we continue our campaign of tree planting, they also continue the cutting of trees. What will happen to our forest by then? We all know that trees give us shade from the heat of the sun, oxygen that we breathe and it holds the water of the rain and prevents landslide. But what if there are no more trees? Our research proposal named I-Detector uses GPS and satellites which primarily help in detecting illegal loggers in the forest. It is not only the government who will benefit but also us people. Through this, we may be able to share the beauty of the nature. The next generations will be able to appreciate it and we can help the wild animals to have their shelter for their comfort. With the use of the global positioning system and satellites, this proposed project can lessen the illegal logging activities done here in our country.

B. Statement of the Proble...

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