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Things for my night crew (:
Before you start the finish the Redbook!!!!!!!!!
1. Sandwich Station * EVERYTHING must have an expiration date & MUST be clean. * Stock everything front in the front to the very top and back. * 2 yellow egg trays
* 2 sausage
* 1 veggie
* 1 turkey sausage
* 1 full container of American cheese
* 1 full container of white cheese
* 1 full container of bacon
* 1 full container of ham (2 pieces on 1 portion tray)
* 1 full container of turkey (3 pieces on 1 portion tray) * Hash browns must be 9 pieces in one clear bag, black container must be full. * Hash brown container must be washed. * Sandwich bags include one napkin folded neatly.

* Bagel bags include one napkin folded neatly and a knife. * Stock the bags wake up wrap bags, ketchup, butter, and jam. * Now walk to the freezer and make sure there are 2 packets of English muffins, 1 packet of the flatbread, 4 packets of tortillas, texas toast container must be full, and 12 french rolls pulled out. Time tickets must be on every single product when they are in the fridge. * throw out all hard bagels; do not use hard / not good products. * Clean both ovens when they have cooled down.

2. Coffee station
* Clean the drive thru fridg...

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