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- Literacy/IQ Test
- Immigration Restriction League 1894
- Changed European language
Western Hemisphere
- Segregated schools
- Chinese Exclusion Act
- Tape vs Hurley
- United States vs. Wong Kim Ark
- Fong Tue Ting
- Horace Page
- Imperialism mindset
o White man’s burden
▪ Ex. Platt Amendment to Cuban Constitution ▪ John Hay Open Door Policy
• Trade but no immigration
▪ Philippines
• Howard Taft

Progressive Era
- Economic expansion and new goods
- Lived in cities
- Social inequality – middle class threatened
- Change of gender roles
- Ethnic neighborhoods
- Freedom to Consume
o Technology
o Women shopped more – standard of living
- Women
o Right to personality and personal independence
- Henry Ford
o Motel T
- American Federation of Labor
- Industrial Workers for the World
o Didn’t like exclusionary policies
o Workers control everything
- Immigrant uprisings
o Protests
▪ Formed ethnic unity
▪ Lawrence, Mass
▪ Strike against Colorado Fuel and Iron Company - Freedom of speech in protests
o Injunctions
- Feminist Alliance
o Hull House – house for poor
▪ Jane Addams started it
- Birth Control Movement
- Socialism – workers embrace socialism because meant public ownership of major industries o Land education and transportation
o Socialism peaking
▪ Free colleges, improved working conditions - State and Local Reform
o Samuel Jones – founded night schools and free kindergartens o Abraham Ruef – Governor of CA banned child labor - Robert M La Follette
o Wisconsin Idea
▪ State regulation for utilities
▪ Taxation of corporate wealth
▪ States adopted this ( now normal
- 17th amendment
o Senators chosen by popular vote
- National American Woman Suffrage Association
o Wanted to amend constitution because single state campaigns weren’t going anywhere - Muller vs. Oregon
o Louis D. Brandeis ( women were weaker and needed special attention because could bear children o He wrong ( Oregon gave maximum hours
- Franklin D. Roosevelt
o Square Deal
▪ Distinguished good and band corporations
▪ US Steel and Standard Oil Co. served public interest o Regulating
▪ Hepburn Act
• Gave Interstate Commerce Commission power to watch business railroad records ▪ Pure Food and Drug Act
▪ Meat Inspection Act
- Conservation
o John Muir – Sierra Club to preserve forests
o Gifford Pinchot – logging, mining, grazing public lands should be controlled ▪ Showed progressivism idea of control of nature - William Taft
o Ohio judge
o Antitrust Policy
▪ Supreme Court declared Standard Oil against Sherman Antitrust Act • Broke up into separate marketing groups - Election 1912 Woodrow Wilson elected
- Progressive Era Platform
o Women’s suffrage
o National labor and health legislation
o 8 hour days and “living wage”
o social insurance covering employment, medical care, and old age - Wilson and progressivim
o Underwood Tarrif
▪ Reduced duties on imports
▪ Imposed graduated income tax on richest 5% o Clayton Act
▪ Barred courts from issuing injections – changing right to strike o Keating-Owen Act
▪ Outlawed child labor
o Adamson Act
▪ 8 hour work day on railroads
o Warehouse Act
▪ Credit to farmers when stored crops in warehouses - Government involvement
o Panic of 1907
▪ Us needed to rely on private hands – JP Morgan helped banking o Federal Reserve System
▪ Regional bans
▪ Issued currency
▪ Influence interest rates – help economic growth o Federal Trade Commission
▪ Watched monopolistic practices
- Reform
- Government involvement
- Women’s rights
- Workers’ rights
- Consumer freedom, standard of living
- Hull house, buying things, contraceptives, freedom of body -

Foreign Affairs
- Farewell address – George Washington
o Stay out of foreign affairs
- John Winthrop – American exceptionalism
o America should be a good example
o In future: used this as an excuse
- Spread democratic belief
- Expansionalist impulse
- National identity
o No longer race or ethnicity
o Now freedom, constitution
- Panama Canal
o Restore order in area because wanted to establish canal o Gave Panama Canal independence so could establish canal - Wilson and Mexico
o Went in thinking we were welcome – going in for moral cause o Lesson: not as easy as anticipated to create stability outside US - Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine

o US has right to be international police power
- William Taft
o Dollar Diplomacy
▪ Spreading American ideas/beliefs through monetary involvement - Moral Imperialism
- WWI “The Great War”
o Split America
o 1914 proclaimed neutrality
o Arthur Zimmermann
▪ German foreign secretary
▪ Told Mexico to attack US
▪ US intervened
o Wilson declare war on Germany 1917
▪ “the world must be safe for democracy. It’s peace must be planted upon the tested foundation of political liberty” - 14 Points
o Self determination
o Freedom of seas
o Free trade

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export extent extrem fail failur fair faith fals farewel farm farmer fbi fda fdr fear feder feminist fight file final financi find fire first fit fix flag flapper focus folk follett fong food forc ford foreign forest forev form found foundat franc franklin fred free freed freedom freer fridg front fuel full fund fundamentalist futur gain gave gender general generat georg germ german germani get gi giant gifford give glass global glorifi go god good govern governor govn graduat grain grant graze great gross group grow growth guarante guilt guilti gunnar gypsi hand harbor hard harlem harsh hartley hatr haugen hawaii hawaiian hay health healthcar hear heavili help hemispher henri hepburn high higher hire hiss histori hit hitler hollywood holm home homefront homosexu hoover hope horac hour hous howard huge hull human hurley husband hysteria idea ideal ideas/beliefs ident ill ill-inform illeg imag immigr immor immun imperalist imperi implement import impos imprison improv impuls in includ inclus incom increas independ indian individu individualist industri inequ infant inflict influenc info inform inject injunct inspect inspir instead insular insult insur integr interest interf intern interraci interst interven intervent intoler invad invas invest involv iran iron isol isolation issu itali jail jane japan japanes japanese-hawaiian jew jewish job john jone joseph josiah jp judg judici julius june justic keat keating-owen keep kennan kept keyn kill kim kindergarten kiss kkk known korea korematsu la labor lack laid laissez laissez-fair land languag later latin law lawrenc leader leagu leas leav led legal legisl leisur lend less lesson let liber liberti light like limit lindbergh line lippman list liter literacy/iq littl live loan local log london long longer loos lose lost lot loui low loyalti luce lynch m macarthur machin made magazin major make man mani manifest manila manipul manpow manufactur march market marri marriag marshal mass materi maximum mccarran mccarthi mccarthyism mcnari mcnary-haugen mean meant meat medic mediterranean melt member men mention mexican mexican-american mexico meyer middl middletown militari mill million mindset mine mistak mobil modern modest monetari money monitor monopolist monro moral morgan mortgag most motel motor move movement much muir muller munich must myrdal n naacp name nation nationalist nato natur naval navi nazi nazi-soviet nebraska need negat negro neighbor neighborhood neutral nevill new next nice night nonaggress nondemocrat nonstop nonwhit normal north note nra nsc nuditi ny nyc o oblig offer offic offici ohio oil old one open oper opinion opportun oppos order ordinari oregon organ out-produc outcom outlaw outlin output outsid overrod oversea oversight overturn owen own ownership p.o.v pact page paid palmer panama panic parchment pari parti particip partytim pass past patriot pay peac peak pearl pension peopl perform perman person ph philippin pinchot place plan plant platform platt pledg plural point poland polic policemen polici polit poor popular post post-war pot poverti power practic present preserv presid pressur prestig price primari prison privaci privat privileg problem process proclaim produc product program progress progressiv progressivim prohibit promis promot prone propaganda prosper protect protest provid public pure purpos put qualiti question quota race racial racism racist radic radio raid railroad rais rang rate re readjust real realiti receiv recognit reconstruct record recov recoveri recuper red reduc reflect reform refus region regist regul relat reli relief religi religion remain renaiss renounc rent repaid repel replac repres republican requir reserv resolut resourc respect respons rest restaur restor restrict result retreat revolt rich richest right riot rival robert role romania roosevelt rosenberg ruef rule rural sacr safe said sailor sale samuel saxon say scare scholarship school scope sea search seat seato second secret secretari secur segreg self sell senat senil separ serv servic servicemen set sex sexual sheppard sheppard-town sherman ship shop show shut siegfri sierra sign sinc singl sit slav slowli smith social socialist societi soil soldier solo solut soul south southeast southern soviet spain spangl speak special speech speech/press spend spi splendid split spoke spread squar stabil stabl stalin standard star start state stay steagal steel still stock stop store strike strive strong struggl stuff su success suffrag suit superior support suprem suspend swear sympathi system taft taft-hartley tape target tariff tarrif tax taxat teach teacher technolog telegram telephon televis tension term territori test testifi texa theater theme theori thing think thou though thought threat threaten time ting told took top totalitarian tour town towner trade tradit train transport treati treatment trial trip truman tue turkey turn two un un-american unconstitut undermin underwood undevelop unemploy unif unifi union unit uniti univers unpatriot unskil updat upon upper upris urban us use util v vacat vacuum versaill vessel veteran veto via view violat violent vote voter vs w wage wagner waiter walter want war ward warehous warrant warren wartim wash washington watch weaker wealth weapon web weight welcom well wendel went weren west western wetback whatev whenev white whitley whittak whose william willki wilson wind winthrop wisconsin withdraw within without woman women won wong woodrow work workday worker workforc workplac world worship would writer wrong wrote wwi wwii yalta year youth yrs zimmermann zoot