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Sumerians, first to form civilizations.
1. Advanced cities
2. Specialized workers
3. Complex institutions
4. Record keeping
5. Advanced technology (ziggurats)
-Metallurgy- one of the first jobs
-Medicine was included as an advancement
-Tyrian purple fabric dye was made with shells mucus (purple = royalty) Labor intensive ^^
- music: man expresses himself
- monarchy/king or queen: passed through blood
-tyranny biggest guns theory
-oligarchy: family (of countries) with some economic power. -aristocracy: ruled by a few. Aristocrats
-democracy: ruled by the people
These city-states functioned much as an independent country does today. From these city-states, the priests and people granted the military rulers full-time powers to rule over them. -Dynasty: rules for a long time then is removed. Ex. Chinese dynasties "Follow the money" IMPORTANT

-cultural diffusion: the idea that ideas are being traded through different regions. ex. The spread of Islam -about 2350 BCE, Sargon came. Conqueror
Created the worlds first empire and conqueror
-Mesopotamia is the crossroads of civilization and (when discovered) oil. BABYLONIAN EMPIRE
Hammurabi made Hammurabi's code (obviously)
He recognized that a single uniform code would help to unify the diverse cultures. WEST ASIA
high infant mortality rate
High death rate poor sanitation
Domestic policy:
Sumerians, Akkadians, Babylonians, Hittites, Assyrians, Chaldeans, Lydians, =major empires Economic production:
Econ = agriculture
Social structure:
Women were property and could be sold. So could kids
Humans ser...

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