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Elizabeth I
What: Queen of England during the Spanish Armada
When: mid 1500s
Where: England
Significance: During her reign, England rose to prominence and became the leader of protestant nations. It also experienced a cultural renaissance. Her religious policy of toleration was based on moderation and compromise.

Henry VIII
What: English King; father of Queen Elizabeth
When: 1500’s
Where: England
Significance: King who was cut off from the Roman Church because he impregnated his future wife (who gave birth to Queen Elizabeth). Started the Anglican Church which he was the head of in order to play part in the church.

John Calvin
What: Protestant reformer
When: 1500’s
Where: Switzerland
Significance: founder of Calvinism, systematic theologian, wrote “Institutes of the Christian Religion” Agreed with Luther mostly, but spread further with God’s sovereignty. Calvin spoke of predestination

Council of Trent
What: Group who met to determine differences between Protestants and Catholics When: 1545 - 1563
Where: Trent (border between Germany and Italy)
Significance: scripture and tradition were affirmed as equal authorities (only the church could interpret scripture). Both faith and Good works were necessary for salvation. The 7 sacraments, transubstantiation and clerical celibacy were all upheld, purga...

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