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Comparative Government Essay

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Comparative government and politics provides an introduction to the wide, diverse world of governments and political practices that currently exist in modern times. It focuses on specific countries; it also emphasizes an understanding of conceptual tools and methods that form a framework for comparing almost any governments that exist today. Additionally, it requires to go beyond individual political systems to consider international forces that affect all people in the world, often in very different ways. What is Comparative Government?

Most people understand that the term government is a reference to the leadership and institutions that make policy decisions for the country. However, what exactly is politics? Politics is basically all about power. Who has the power to make the decisions? How did they get the power? What challenges do leaders face from others; both inside and outside the country's borders & in keeping the power? So, as we look at different countries, we are not only concerned about the ins and outs of how the government works. We will also look at how po...

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